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What is the Phrase Thesaurus?

It's like an ordinary thesaurus, but it finds phrases rather than single words.

It generates lists of phrases and sayings related to the topic you are interested in - often including imaginative selections that you may not have first thought of.

This writer's resource uses a unique intelligent search function to locate phrases on whatever topic you are writing about.

Behind the search is a database of the largest collection of English-language phrases and sayings available on the Internet.

Here are the sorts of phrases which are included.

How can it help you write?

Writing a piece on some subject or other and are stuck for a turn of phrase that you haven't already used? The Phrase Thesaurus unsticks you with a list to choose from.

For example, picking a topic at random, suppose you were writing about dogs, you might well think of a few 'doggy' phrases to use. The Phrase Thesaurus gives you this list - some of which you might have missed.

Who uses it?

Professional writers of all sorts. Many journalists, advertising copywriters, songwriters find it an invaluable resource when looking for that elusive turn of phrase. Here's a small selection of our customer base.

- Users' testimonials:

"Thanks to you my boss loves me - he was amazed at how fast I came up with two headlines".
"I love Phrasefinder - it's a great product."


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