Smart Ways to Save on Your Car Maintenance

Modern cars are far more efficient than their older counterparts. The engines are better and more durable. The body and chassis are stronger and lighter at the same time. Other parts in the car have been improved too, all for the purpose of making the vehicle more efficient and easier to run.

Despite the extra durability of modern cars, regular maintenance is still necessary. You also have to deal with repairs and other costs associated with keeping the car running. Rather than making common mistakes and paying more to maintain your car, these smart tips will help you save money along the way.

Watch the Oil Change

There is a big misconception about oil change that has been circulating for a while. Many believe that changing oil more frequently means taking better care of the engine. This must be true, right? Well, not really.

Oil change is still something you need to do periodically. The metal particles and other substances that get mixed up with the engine oil can ruin the inner chambers of the engine over time. Exceeding the recommended mileage is certainly not the way to go.

Changing the oil too early, however, doesn’t really bring added benefit. You are not protecting the engine better; all you do is spend more on more frequently oil change. Instead of taking this approach and wasting money, stick to the optimal times for your oil change.

Avoid Cheap Fuel

If you have a car with a turbo or a supercharger, the last thing you want to do is go with regular (or cheaper) fuel. Most cars today have engines fitted with a turbocharger so that they can be smaller and more efficient while remaining powerful, so this is a tip you want to pay attention to.

Turbochargers and superchargers are more sensitive to octane levels and the characteristics of the fuel when consumed. While the engine can adjust itself thanks to the built-in knocking sensor, turbo and supercharger can’t. Stick with the recommended fuel to get the most out of the engine.

With engines that don’t have a turbo or a supercharger, on the other hand, switching to regular fuel is something worth trying. You can even get the engine tuned for regular fuel manually on your next service but do expect a decrease in power when you do.

Get Breakdown Cover

A good breakdown cover policy is invaluable. It is a fantastic addition to your existing car insurance, especially when the car insurance policy doesn’t offer more than the absolute basic breakdown cover. You will be surprised by how valuable the breakdown cover policy can be when the car does break down for whatever reason.

Rather than dealing with the hassle yourself, you can simply call roadside assistance and have a mechanic help you in no time. If on-the-spot repair isn’t possible, you also don’t need to pay extra to get the car towed to the nearest garage.

Some breakdown cover plans offer even more than that such as this one from the RAC. It will also make sure you get to your destination or safely back home when you run into car troubles along the way. An additional EU cover means you can enjoy the same level of protection while driving in Europe.

Be Picky When Choosing a Mechanic

Choosing a good local mechanic that you can trust is another way you can save on car maintenance. When working with a capable and honest mechanic, you can stop worrying about paying for unnecessary repairs and unexpected expenses or fees to get the car running smoothly.

The internet is on your side for this one. There are countless reviews, user testimonials, and even recommendations that help you find the best mechanics near you. Once you do find a mechanic that you like, maintain a good relationship and get to know the person.

According to past studies, cars that are maintained by the same mechanic tend to be healthier in the long run. This is because the mechanic can keep track of the issues the car had and anticipate future ones with regular maintenance.

Don’t Pull Your Punches

There are also countless other ways to save small amounts of money here and there when it comes to car maintenance. Rotating your tires is a good start; it is a simple move to make, but one that allows you to save a lot on tires.

The same can be said for going for regular inspections and maintenance rather than waiting until something goes wrong with the car. With the latter, you usually end up spending more than what you would spend on regular visits to the garage.

These are small and simple tips to implement, so there is no reason why you should not use them today. Keeping your car running smoothly and well-maintained will not be a costly thing to do now that you know how to save on maintenance.

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